Kettlebell Christmas ornaments


Fitness Christmas decoration.
Box of 9

The worlds first seen kettlebell Christmas ornaments here delivered in a elegant box with nine pieces.
They look good on every tree and are a perfect gift for the fitness lovers.




  1. Gold (5 of glitter and 4 blank)
  2. Copper (5 of glitter and 4 blank)
  3. Black/white( 3 black glitter, 3 black matte and 3 white)
  4. Red (5 of glitter and 4 blank)
  5. Mixed box (1 matte black, 1 black glitter, 1 white, 2 blank copper, 1 glitter copper, 2 glitter gold and 1 blank gold)
    If you want it made differently add in the text for the order.




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Weight0.60 kg

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